Bugaboo Product Launches

During my time at …,staat I was the brand lead on Bugaboo where I created launch campaigns for products such as the Bugaboo Bee3, Runner and their 3x products long Diesel collaboration. The campaigns ran in-store, on the website and social.






Lead Art Direction

Bugaboo Bee3

To launch the new & improved Bee3 we took to the streets and visually showed how easy it is to move around the city.

Bugaboo x Diesel Collaboration

The Bugaboo X Diesel collaboration lasted for 3 stroller launches and lived under the same campaign “Born to Be Brave”. Our visual idea used classic Diesel irony and juxtaposed fashion with the not so glamorous reality parents face.

Launch with window installation at Diesel, 5th Ave New York

In-Store Event Tour

Bugaboo Runner

The Bugaboo Runner was shot with real parents and their kids running around the streets of Los Angeles.